Sustainable Forest Management
PDSS contributes in analyzing the needs for harmonizing policies that set the frame for defining a policy agenda that are now pursued by partners from DENR, civil society and the academe. Policy studies, review and analysis of forest policy are regularly conducted through multi-stakeholder participatory dialogues.
Sustainable Agriculture
In the Philippines, the provision of extension services has been devolved to the LGUs since the early 90′s (by virtue of the Local Government Code). Beefing up the LGU-based extension is needed to facilitate timely diffusion and adoption of sustainable practices in rice and abaca production and marketing.
The National Land Use Act of the Philippines (NLUA) seeks to institutionalize land use and physical planning as a mechanism for identifying, determining, and evaluating appropriate land use and allocation patterns in the country. It recognizes the need for a rational, holistic and just allocation, utilization, management, and development of our country’s land and resources. The NLUA was almost legislated at the 15th Congress- having been certified as an urgent piece of legislation by the President and passed by the House of Representatives on 3rd Reading in September 2012 and on 2nd Reading by the Senate. For the 16th Congress, NLUA is now on 2nd reading at the House of Representatives and is being deliberated on Committee level at the Senate.
Integrated Coastal Management
ICM requires consideration of the impact that a variety of human activity may have at the ecosystems. The strategy necessitates in coastal governance decision-making structures that consider both the conservation and protection of ecosystems, while at the same time providing opportunities for creating wealth in coastal-related economies and communities. The ultimate purpose of ICM is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of coastal governance in terms of its ability to achieve the sustainable use of the coastal resources and of the environmental services rendered by the ecosystems.
Biodiversity and PA Management
The National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 1992 provides the legal and developmental framework for the establishment and management of protected areas (Pas) in the Philippines. Through the support of the Component, a review of the Act was conducted by independent valuators which aimed identify which of the law’s provisions should be amended to improve its ability to provide stronger legal and policy backstops for multi-scale Protected Area management in the Philippines. For the 16th Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate have filed bills seeking to amend the said Act.
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